In the last Age the Varnisian continent was wild and primal, where the various races fought evey day for their survival, and unity was considered only in matters of tribes, at least in most cases.
Despite having developed determined technologies, as metallurgy and the ability of building something more than a straw hut,it never happened that great kingdoms ,such as are now known, will rise. It was an age of strifing and darkness
Everything changed since the arrival of the “Four Heroes” as they are known nowaday. Four mighty and brave souls that came from other worlds and planes.
As they looked around they saw only backwardness and violence,and without a way back they choose to shape the world as they saw it more familiar and fit; Joining tribes and cultures to found something that would last over the ages. What and how they did is unknown:Reports becamelegends and history melted with fantasy and farytales , while all the writings of the time are gone; eaten away by time and neglect. What we do know is that their coming meant a new age for our continent, and maybe the whole world, and that their sudden disappearance left an enormous void and countless mistery to be discovered.
It is belived by some that they will be back one day ,to take back what is rightfully theirs. Others state that if the will come back , it ’ll only be to punish us, letting us sink in a Dark age once again

The four Heroes